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All these publications are available from the Group (for details contact fclhg@hantsweb.org.uk).

Fleet and Crookham - A Pictorial History

Written by Peter Pimm, Stanley G. Knight, Tony Wright, and Percy Vickery, published by Phillimore & Co Ltd, 1994; ISBN: 085033926X).

Available from the The Group for 12.99 + p&p. It can also be obtained second hand e.g. via Abe Books or new from Phillimore

The Postal Service and Postal Boxes in Fleet and Crookham

Historical Paper No 1, by Tony Wright was first published by the Group in October 1996. Issue 3 was published in February 2004 and is available for 2.50 + p&p.

Nurserymen & Market Gardeners. A study of horticultural endeavours in Fleet & Crookham during the period 1880 to 1966

Historical Paper No 2, by Tony Wright was published by Fleet & Crookham Local History Group in December 2001. It is available for 2.00 + p&p.

It could be said that in this period Fleet & Crookham had a disproportionately high number of nurseries given the size of the respective parishes, but this would ignore the scale of estates, and large villas with grounds, that existed locally during the late 19th to mid 20th century. These would have required many gardening staff and supplies of plants, seeds etc..

This is the second in a series of Historical Papers by the Group and primarily draws on documentary evidence as well as recollections of residents and family members of those engaged in horticulture. Some eleven nurseries are described in the research, revealing the names of those involved over the years, together with details of the nature of each business.

This monograph is in A4 format and includes maps showing locations of the nurseries, photographs and advertisements of the period.

Mr Brandon's Tobacco Farm, Church Crookham, Hampshire

Historical Paper No 3, by Phyllis Ralton was published by Fleet & Crookham Local History Group in 2007.

Mr Brandon's Tobacco Farm

"Mr Brandon's Tobacco Farm" tells the story of a 25 year project by a wealthy brewer who bought and farmed the Redfields Estate at Church Crookham. As soon as restrictions on growing tobacco were lifted in 1910 he started experimenting with different varieties and methods of growing this unusual crop. As the largest producer in the country, he succeeded in demonstrating that it is possible to grow, harvest, cure and sell English tobacco. However, despite his argument that employment could be created for three thousand people for every one thousand acres of tobacco, the government would not relax the imposition of duty that made English tobacco uncompetitive.

The book is 4.50, including post and packing.

Published under the auspices of
Fleet & Crookham Local History Group

Clare Park - A History of the Estate and its Owners

Author Tony Wright
Published 2007.
Price 5.00 plus post & packing.
Available through the Group or direct from the Author.

The Harding Family of Clear Place ( Now Clare Park, Crondall)

Author Tony Wright
Published 2009.
Price 3.50 plus post & packing.
Available through the Group or direct from the Author.

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